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Remote Pro Collective
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Angela | Founder and Owner

We are more alike than you may think. We are passionate about our work. We care for the people we serve. We have big goals and desires. We strive for success. And through our collective efforts, we can achieve even more.

I grew up in a small town where I learned the value of integrity, reliability, commitment, and community.

Being the oldest child in a large and active family, efficiency, systems and organization were instilled in me at a very young age.

Many of my extended family members were entrepreneurs, owning highly-regarded local businesses, juggling side gigs (well before having a “side gig” was even a thing), and strategically balancing multiple seasonal businesses to provide year-round financial stability for their families.

For example, as a pre-teen, I vividly remember helping my Uncles mow lawns in the summer and shovel snow in the winter. Personally, I had summer jobs where I earned money that I saved up and mainly babysat during the school year for spending money. 

Applying those values and experiences, I moved away to college, majoring in Business Administration and Accounting at Aquinas. I practiced as a CPA for over 15 years in both the Public Accounting and Private Industry sectors before becoming an entrepreneur myself. In partnership with a Global Network Marketing Company, I co-created a Team of over 5,000 individuals all over North America before taking ownership of and pouring my soul into growing a local fitness studio. Yet, the feeling that “something” was missing kept nagging me. I knew I could serve the world in an even bigger and better way. An idea began to form.

Grand Rapids, MI where my husband and I raised our son and daughter, has a strong and long-standing history of entrepreneurialism and the community proudly supports local businesses in every way. Watching these business owners, including my husband and friends, juggle all aspects of running their growing businesses while working to provide value to clients and customers, made me realize how critical it is to employ systems, leverage automation, and build a dedicated support team.

That’s why I started RemotePro Collective, an online organization which allows me to apply decades of personal knowledge and experience as a business owner and advisor. Other entrepreneurs and small business leaders are able to realize their full potential by leveraging my skills, gifts, enthusiasm, resources and connections.

I believe that time is your most valuable asset, the key to success. When you’ve got friends, family, colleagues, partners, staff, customers and clients counting on you, every single minute counts.

What could you achieve and who would you serve if you had an extra hour per day, or even a few extra hours per week? How would you enjoy that time? Personally, I would spend some of it with my husband, David, and our children, supporting the community, getting in a workout, reading a book, catching up with friends, pursuing my pilot’s license or traveling. These are some of my favorite things, let’s work together so you can enjoy more of your favorite things.


All members of our team are held to high standards. Our distinct skill sets complement each other and allow RemotePro Collective to exceed your expectations. As a client, you can be confident that you will receive excellent service from the team members working in collaboration with you.

Rita Tomaszewski


Rita’s organizational, communication and creative skills make her a great asset in every way. Her many talents and skills include event planning, individual and group travel arrangements and confirmation, data entry, and calendar management. Rita is detail oriented and a fast learner who is prepared to assist and serve. She enjoys outdoor adventures, reading, travel, yoga and spending quality time with her family.

Eva Korte


Eva is creative and detail oriented and has prepared e-books as well as print layouts using the Canva platform. She is experienced with calendar management and coordination, data entry, Facebook community management and customer service, electronic file management and research. Eva picks up easily on systems and protocol. She has spent an extended amount of time in Costa Rica working in the rainforest, enjoys travel, friends, family, and music.

Grow with Us

RemotePro Collective is expanding our team and the services we offer. We are looking for dedicated individuals to provide virtual administrative support, communication services and other remote assistance to our growing list of clients.

If you are passionate about our mission and have a desire to join our team, email angela@remoteprocollective.com to explore this opportunity.